Monday, July 30, 2012

Beta Test #2 Results

Hello My Dear Bloggie Buddies , where do I begin?

Today has been quite the day. This morning the little boys and I dropped off big sister at band camp and we headed to the clinic. I was scheduled for a blood draw first thing this morning. The last day or two I had lost most of my pregnancy symptoms. So I was terrified going into this test this morning. However, I knew that there were hundreds of people praying for us and this journey. I knew God was completely in control and all of this was his timing. So I was not concerned what the result was. I knew whatever it was, God would guide us where we needed to go.

The test took all of 2 minutes. The nurse said when I walked in without any other info, you must be here for an HCG. I said how'd you guess, she said you are glowing. That made me relax and feel much better about what I was about to do. Once we were finished we left quietly. My little boys were so well behaved. I was so proud of them. They were quiet, respectful and listened intently. It was so helpful. I think they knew Mommy just needed peace today. Now we wait, which we are all getting used to.

So the time came for my results. 343. Positive. My chin dropped to the floor. There I was resting on the couch with the babies watching the American Water Polo match for the Olympics. The first words out of their mouths, Are you Pregnant yet, Mommy? I nodded yes and they each proceeded to gently hug and pat my belly. This is huge for all of us. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!

Apollo was giddy chatting with me on the phone. Sharing with me that Athena was in the air on a plane. It was so cute. He was talking a hundred miles a minute. He sounded like a giggly teenager. It was so wonderful to hear. I loved being able to chat with him. It reminded me why I was doing what I am doing. It made me so happy to hear him so happy.

So, here we are Bloggie Buddies, Pregnant with our first surro baby/babies. In a couple weeks we go back in for an ultrasound to check everything and to find out if we have one or more. Continue all those prayers. You warriors are awesome and I thank each of you.

Finally got to talk with Athena this evening and she was thrilled. She was bummed to be on a business trip without Apollo but I told her that's how my pregnancies go. Daddy is never with Mommy when we learn of happy news. Athena also shared with me that she knew something was good as she was sitting in row 9, seat 9 her lucky number. Her sign. She learned of the news just as the airplane doors were closing. I bet that was the longest plane ride of her life.So grateful she made it safe.

HERE WE GO........ PREGNANT, Can you believe it,  WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!

And making her Blog debut, Miss Chocolate Princess, Apollo and Athena's first baby.


  1. Omg! Never thought of using the dog to announce! So excited for all involved!!!

  2. That is so awesome and I am uber excited for you all, honey.

  3. Dusty, this is such wonderful news! Sorry things have been so crazy and I haven't been able to chat recently. Would love to catch up soon. I'll try to give you a call this week! So happy for you and the parents to be!