Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet n Greet

Today was a big day for us in the growing family process. Since neither Zeus or I had ever met Athena in person or Apollos parents we thought it'd be nice to meet up before our transfer. So we went to apollos parents house first thing this morning and met up with them and the future grandparents. It was a wonderful visit no matter how nervous I was, which I was. We had fun things to talk about and fun things to catch up on. While I was there Athena gave me this cool bag with the wording I'm the Stork on it. Soooo cute and in my favorite color. In the bag was fun treats that she thought I'd love. Heck yes, circus peanuts, gummy bears, decaffeinated tea and a few others. But the best part or my favorite part was the mug. She had a travel mug made for me. It was perfect. So special.

Then we went to breakfast at a fun little restaurant. It was really yummy. We were able to talk about some things. That was much needed. After that Zeus thought it would be fun to buy them a book to help them understand and involve them in the pregnancy process. So we found a fun little hometown bookstore and located the book we needed. Shared our thoughts on why we felt they needed it. It was fun. I hope they can follow the pregnancy with a more connected feeling.

Today was a great day all around from start to finish. We enjoyed our nieces 2nd birthday party with lots of family and friends and then were able to meet up with one of Zeus' other classmates for dessert. Beautiful day.

Blessings and continue the prayers as 4 doses of progesterone have been given with only 2 more til transfer.

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