Thursday, January 10, 2013

Third Trimester, we made it

Good afternoon everyone, How are you all doing? I bet you were all wondering about me and my lack of blogging. Its been ridiculously crazy around here.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my 28 wk checkup. I was caught off guard when the nurse came and got me and said it was time for my 1-hour glucose test. YUCK. They made me drink this fruit punch flavored drink that felt like it had 15 cups of sugar mixed into one cup of liquid. Nasty. But I downed it in the 3 minutes she gave. Then it was off for my urine test. I'm getting good at peeing in a cup I can not longer see since I now have a basketball between my face and down there. It takes practice eh. Then it was BP time. Lord help me, I was freaked since my morning at home test showed I was high. I prayed and called my mom to help me calm down. Well, it must have worked because my office BP was 122/76, otherwise known as normal. That was the best news all day. Another 2 weeks without bed rest. Thank you Lord, he did this not me. Then it was time to talk and figure out how things are going. Doc said I should slow down a bit and be put on light duty. So no more vacuuming for me, since it is causing unwanted contractions. Baby was felt for and listened to, he had a heart rate of 154 as he was bouncing around and then 133 when he settled down. He thinks anytime I lay down its his time to torture my bladder. Extremely nice of him, don't y'all think. Me too.
Then it was off to the lab for a massive amount of blood tests. Way too many vials of blood for my liking. Definitely caused a nasty spot on my arm and some expected light-headedness.
All in all it was a great appt. We are now going to be seen every 2 weeks. This should be helpful.

Today Zeus took me up to the hospital, our first time there to have MORE bloodwork and a shot. I asked him to take me since I knew I would be sick, light-headed, and not comfortable to drive. I was thankful his boss was so kind to give him some time to do that. The hospital is great. Labor and delivery have their own entrance and the 2 floors are fun to walk down. So I had my blood drawn first thing and then we needed to wait until it was checked. So in the mean time we got a tour of the women's center by a very knowledgeable lady. I think we threw more questions at her than she expected, but every one was answered thoroughly. We were able to see all the procedures of our birthing experience and to find out some detailed info for our delivery day as well as how the Coconuts parents would be treated and so forth. It was wonderful, side from the fact that I got dizzy twice and had to sit down and needed something to drink. The tour lasted slightly longer than an hour. It was great. Then the nurse checked again and my bloodwork was done so we were ushered to a room to get the lovely shot. I am not fond of shots, especially ones that go in my behind and ones that hurt after the needle is long been disposed of. Yikes. Zeus held me up while she stabbed me. It sucked. NO doubt. Then we were off to the car in a haze as I was seriously getting sick. Zeus did stop to get me a Cherry Limeade on the way home, I'll miss him when he leaves. Then it was straight to bed for me. A nice ought to do the trick.

So there you have it. A 28 wk pregnancy, a belly so big its a chore to tie my own shoes (shhh stop laughing), a shot, bloodwork and a 2 week wait until the next checkup. Sounds like a great place to stop there.

Come back soon since I'll be sure to update again.

Oh and the hallway walls at the hospital look like the bottom picture. And that's my 28 wk belly.

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