Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 weeks

WOW, its amazing to think we have made it to the 25 week mark. Mr.Coconut is really putting on the weight and his strength has gotten out of control. He is still in a breech like position so all the movement is way down low. My kids aren't patient enough to sit still to long enough to feel him kick. Zeus feels him because we are usually awake when Coconuts at it. This week he has started his 3am active moments. These have been waking up this pregnant momma. So I'm so tired during the day. Its awful. I want to do so much but can't seem to get enough energy. I have woken up to a few charlie horses this past week. The first one was horrid. A clamped calf muscle. I woke up screaming, tears rolling in terrible pain. I think I freaked Zeus out, but he managed to help me get it to release. I had 3 in the bottoms of my feet. Those I was able to catch before they fully clamped down. But anytime I point my toes to put on pantyhose or a shoe my feet try to clamp. Thankfully I can catch them first. One other night I woke to my Quad trying to cramp up. I jumped out of bed and started walking, saving myself from awful pain and allowing Zeus to continue sleeping. Its frustrating. Also, I have been having my hips catch and get stuck. Yeah, I look like a crazy person when they catch. Its part of pregnancy but not one of my favorites. But someday this will all be worth it for a family.

I did go to the doctor last week and my belly is measuring right on time. Weight gain is normal. BP is finally stabilized. Things are looking good. So I do not go back until the middle of next month. Woo Hoo.

A major milestone this week is that we have reached survivability. If something tragic were to happen to me then Coconut with a lot of help from doctors could make it. This is huge for his parents.

I must say this week has been rather amazing and full of surprises. I have gotten several amazing, yet thoughtful gifts from Coconuts family. Definitely not expected but so appreciated. Little gifts of love like this really make me feel special. They make me feel like what I am doing is meaningful to others. So wonderful.

Thank you to everyone for all your continued thoughts and prayers. I'll update you all again soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mr Coconuts first Santa picture

Today my family had breakfast with Santa at the youth center on base. It was super yummy. We played games and had lots of fun. We thought it'd be fun to share Coconuts growth progress. Didn't want to leave him out. I have been slacking in belly photos, so here's a special one.

22 1/2 weeks along.
Lots of headaches
Strong kicks
Growing belly
Hypertension controlled

Just a few highlights of this pregnancy. Things are moving along quite nicely. So glad it's christmas time, I LOVE this time of year.

Blessings Bloggie buddies