Monday, July 30, 2012

Beta Test #2 Results

Hello My Dear Bloggie Buddies , where do I begin?

Today has been quite the day. This morning the little boys and I dropped off big sister at band camp and we headed to the clinic. I was scheduled for a blood draw first thing this morning. The last day or two I had lost most of my pregnancy symptoms. So I was terrified going into this test this morning. However, I knew that there were hundreds of people praying for us and this journey. I knew God was completely in control and all of this was his timing. So I was not concerned what the result was. I knew whatever it was, God would guide us where we needed to go.

The test took all of 2 minutes. The nurse said when I walked in without any other info, you must be here for an HCG. I said how'd you guess, she said you are glowing. That made me relax and feel much better about what I was about to do. Once we were finished we left quietly. My little boys were so well behaved. I was so proud of them. They were quiet, respectful and listened intently. It was so helpful. I think they knew Mommy just needed peace today. Now we wait, which we are all getting used to.

So the time came for my results. 343. Positive. My chin dropped to the floor. There I was resting on the couch with the babies watching the American Water Polo match for the Olympics. The first words out of their mouths, Are you Pregnant yet, Mommy? I nodded yes and they each proceeded to gently hug and pat my belly. This is huge for all of us. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!

Apollo was giddy chatting with me on the phone. Sharing with me that Athena was in the air on a plane. It was so cute. He was talking a hundred miles a minute. He sounded like a giggly teenager. It was so wonderful to hear. I loved being able to chat with him. It reminded me why I was doing what I am doing. It made me so happy to hear him so happy.

So, here we are Bloggie Buddies, Pregnant with our first surro baby/babies. In a couple weeks we go back in for an ultrasound to check everything and to find out if we have one or more. Continue all those prayers. You warriors are awesome and I thank each of you.

Finally got to talk with Athena this evening and she was thrilled. She was bummed to be on a business trip without Apollo but I told her that's how my pregnancies go. Daddy is never with Mommy when we learn of happy news. Athena also shared with me that she knew something was good as she was sitting in row 9, seat 9 her lucky number. Her sign. She learned of the news just as the airplane doors were closing. I bet that was the longest plane ride of her life.So grateful she made it safe.

HERE WE GO........ PREGNANT, Can you believe it,  WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!

And making her Blog debut, Miss Chocolate Princess, Apollo and Athena's first baby.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First beta blood test

Well first thing this morning was our first beta blood test. I went in a little nervous because I hadn't felt like I was solidly pregnant. Obviously there have been symptoms but those also arise with the medication I'm on. So I was very cautious. So we made it in about 8:30am and by 9:40am we had a result. HCG is a hormone in the blood that is released by baby. Those levels are suppose to double every 2-3 days after embryos implant. We were expecting our embryos to implant Wednesday or Thursday last week. Today my hcg level was 40.8. Not great but not unheard of. The doctor would to have liked it at about 100 or more with that timing. So this could mean a number of things. One, it could be a late implant meaning I'm not as far along as we expected by medical timing. Two, it could mean a chemical pregnancy occurred. That I actually never had an embryo implant. Three, it could mean an ectopic pregnancy. This would be a pregnancy and implant that happened in my Fallopian tube and is very dangerous.
So right now, my family will continue our trip home driving 2500 miles and once we return to St. Louis I will be retested on Monday. My levels will need to have risen to above 200 for this to be considered a viable pregnancy. At that point we will then have an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

I know God is in control and all this is in his timing. I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged. But if this turns out to be negative I have to start all over with all the stomach shots, lupron, and we wait 6 weeks or more to try again if Apollo and Athena are up for us to try again. Definitely not the news I was hoping for but at least we still have a 50/50 shot of this being a full on pregnancy.
My feelings are all over the place today. I am sad that it is not full steam
Ahead as I know Apollo and Athena don't need any more heartbreak than what they have already had. I'm frustrated that maybe I did do something wrong or that I ate or drank something, or maybe my purse was too heavy or a million other things. I'm glad we are headed home because I could really use my bed and my pillow about right now. I'm fighting tears still leaning on God to take the reigns and drive this boat where he needs us to go. I just ask that you all say a prayer for Gods will, Apollo/Athena's peace, my safety and for a baby to implant itself squarely in my uterus. Pray for our safe travels home and that I don't get too overly emotional over this.

So we continue to wait for Monday until then please enjoy your last week days and the upcoming weekend.

Blessings Y'all

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two week wait

This morning I'm a bit uneasy about what is happening or not happening with my body. It's so nerve wracking not knowing whether all this is headed in the right direction or if we must try it again. I'm hopeful. But I still remember this is Gods plan. He is in complete control so no matter what the doctor tells us on Wednesday we must trust him.
Anybody else out there wondering and waiting on pins and needles. During this week I have had a day of nausea, 2 days of crampiness, and a day of uncomfortablness. Yesterday the heartburn hit me like a ton of bricks.and then last night I got my first foot and toe cramping in the middle of the night. To me these are all signs leading to what we want to hear but I still have that little bug saying "nothing's 100%".
I'll say this, I'm working hard to eat all the right things and stay away from
No so good things. I'm proud of myself, I've had little to no caffeine this past week. I've listened to what the doctors said, no lifting, no straining, no alcohol, and all those other no's.

So now we all wait. I'll find out late Wednesday afternoon and then we will start making phone calls. Thursday I plan to post it here, if we don't get around to calling everyone please understand we will be driving home
And cell coverage is iffy in many places on our route.

Say a prayer that peanut and/or coconut decided to rent a womb. We are hopeful for tenants.

Blessings Y'all

Monday, July 16, 2012

Embryo Transfer

Today was such a big day but a really fun day. It started out with a fantastic breakfast made by my HP Athena. Then the boys went off on an adventure and we girls did a little maternity shopping. It was so much fun. The best part was the attachable belly. Athena thinks I made a good pregnant model. I was so much fun.

trying on clothes

Then we had lunch purchased by the boys just before having to take the Valium and having to drink a ton of water. Then we were off to the clinic as I began to feel woozy and quite possibly what a drunk feels like. The clinic was beautiful and everyone was so nice. I do not remember much as I began to lose most of my concentration as everything became fuzzy.  I made sure Zeus took photos while we were in there so I could have those memories for later.


This is me and Athena before things got moving. We were both very excited and a bit nervous. transferall

Here’s one of Apollo, Athena and I before the procedure got moving.


Here’s our two precious embryos right after they were thawed this morning. Notice Peanut is already hatching, Coconut is not far behind. The embryologist said that we only thawed two and they are both Grade A. That means they are the best of the best.  Isn't this picture amazing. Two precious nuts soon to be babies.

Now its time to proceed with the transfer.DustyinBed

Our nurse finding my uterus on the ultrasound machine. They use this for the Doctor to view the catheter as he inserts the embryos. That’s another reason I had to drink loads of water, a liter and a half to be precise.


Here’s another view of our embryos as coconut decides to hatch along with Peanuts earlier hatching. This was a monitor we could watch them on before they were sucked into the catheter to be transferred to me.


Here’s our embryologist taking care of the embryos in a infant incubator. That was so cool.


Here’s the nurse explaining to everyone what we were looking at on the ultrasound monitor. The big black thing on top is my bladder.


Another view of the nurse and the ultrasound monitor. Are you guys following me? I hope you are not lost. All of this stuff happened within an hour.


Here is the embryologist and the Doctor putting the embryos into my uterus, their new home for the next nine months.  Doctor said everything went great. They believe we are looking at a 85% chance of a pregnancy and 70% chance of twins.  These are positive odds. Now, it is time for Twinkle to rest and relax so these babies can burrow into the uterine lining in the next 48 hours. Lots of don’ts for me the next few days. This was a highly emotional day. However most is just a blur as the valium really took me out, Zeus, Apollo and Athena filled me in so I could share with all you guys.


This is the wonderful team that made it all happen while I am passed out. Keep us in your prayers as these lil’ nuts take hold and continue to grow. Now we wait until the 25th for our first HCG beta test, also known as a pregnancy test. Sit tight and we will soon know the outcome of this procedure.

Thanks for following and keep reading my dear Bloggie Buddies.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last weekend of non-pregnant woman

This has really been a crazy busy weekend. It started out first thing Saturday morning meeting our HPs for breakfast. Then family stuff all day and meeting with friends that night then Sunday we went to church, all 18 of us. That was moving as God continued to speak to me. I really enjoyed the service. Then we were off to the Ranger game. It was awesome!!! The Rangers beat Seattle at home 4-0 with Ian Kinsler belting a homer. I loved being at the game with all the family. It was a real treat. Even watching some see their first professional game ever. Then all the babies got to run the bases on the field. That was super cool to see.

Dad took the 18 of us and Apollo and Athena out for a wonderful dinner in downtown Seattle after the game. It was really nice and extremely yummy. Thanks Dad, great idea. Then it was off to the HPs house to prepare for tomorrows big embryo transfer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but hugging my 2 sister-in-laws tonight really gave me the strength and encouragement I needed knowing that all the family was behind me 100%. I really wasn't sure how everyone felt about it but listening to them chat with Athena was really calming for me. I must say thank you to all my supporters through this process. I love you all and really do enjoy talking with all of you. Thank you.

Here's a few photos from today.

Please pray for our life changing day tomorrow as our journey gets REAL.

Blessings Bloggie Buddies

Meet n Greet

Today was a big day for us in the growing family process. Since neither Zeus or I had ever met Athena in person or Apollos parents we thought it'd be nice to meet up before our transfer. So we went to apollos parents house first thing this morning and met up with them and the future grandparents. It was a wonderful visit no matter how nervous I was, which I was. We had fun things to talk about and fun things to catch up on. While I was there Athena gave me this cool bag with the wording I'm the Stork on it. Soooo cute and in my favorite color. In the bag was fun treats that she thought I'd love. Heck yes, circus peanuts, gummy bears, decaffeinated tea and a few others. But the best part or my favorite part was the mug. She had a travel mug made for me. It was perfect. So special.

Then we went to breakfast at a fun little restaurant. It was really yummy. We were able to talk about some things. That was much needed. After that Zeus thought it would be fun to buy them a book to help them understand and involve them in the pregnancy process. So we found a fun little hometown bookstore and located the book we needed. Shared our thoughts on why we felt they needed it. It was fun. I hope they can follow the pregnancy with a more connected feeling.

Today was a great day all around from start to finish. We enjoyed our nieces 2nd birthday party with lots of family and friends and then were able to meet up with one of Zeus' other classmates for dessert. Beautiful day.

Blessings and continue the prayers as 4 doses of progesterone have been given with only 2 more til transfer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One down....

Oh mercy, I'm so thankful that today ingot to spend with my bestest friend in the whole world. Her and her amazing husband kept me distracted from tonight's no so fun event. We even made a deal which I will now be counting down the days.

Tonight I had to start the very first progesterone in oil injection. Not so fun. This is an intramuscular shot in the rear, butt, behind or whatever you wanna call it. I've been dreading it for months. No seriously, months. So after watching footloose and having a wonderful chat with our friends it was time for the event. So first thing I had to change my patches and go from 4 patches back down to two. That's never really a problem just a bit of a pain to do. Not painful or hard, just annoying. Once that was done I put I big ice pack in my underwear and wore that for several minutes until Zeus was finished walking the dogs. I got it all set up, using two separate needles, one BIG one to draw the meds and another to inject.

Zeus has had me freaked for weeks explaining that he would give it to me like his dad gives it to horses, slap, slap, pop!!! Talk about making my stomach churn. Heck no was he gonna treat me like that. So the whole time he's picking at me. If you know him you know he LOVES to pull my strings and make me mad, upset, irritated, agitated and downright annoyed. He was no different tonight. He acted like he was gonna be rough but he actually gave me the shot and I did not even feel it. He was gentle and joking in a loving manor. Tonight was huge for me. It went over very well.

So we are now in the home stretch. Less than 5 days until our big day, transfer of two precious frozen and thawed embies.

Keep those prayers coming. We hit the road tomorrow to finish our trip to Washington.

Blessings bloggie buddies

Monday, July 9, 2012

Murphy's law

Well everyone we are on the road to our HPs clinic and Zeus' hometown. We drove about 7 hours yesterday and ended at Fort Riley in Kansas. We had great lodging at the base. We had a 3bdrm, 2bth, full kitchen and living room hotel room. It was perfect for all of us. But it was a bit unusual.

We did not have an Ice machine nor was the freezer ice maker on. So I took a trip to the shoppette, a mini gas station. I was looking for ice for my injection. It was closed, just my luck. So I used an unconventional method, wet a washcloth and stuck it in the freezer for about 20 min. It was perfect. Then everyone into to bed and Princess our 10 yr old yorkie got sick and started puking. Zeus and I tag teamed for a while, except he was never able to go back to sleep. So at 3am he got up packed all the bags, got me up and said we were leaving. We left babies in jammies and hit the road about 4am. Lots of early stops but managed to get some Miles behind us before princess started puking again. Now we are north of Denver but no photos of mountains because my luck, it was pouring rain. Oh well, we are moving about halfway through todays stretch.
Here's 2 photos.
One of the boy that shares a name and the other of some bruises on my belly as of last night.

Blessings bloggie buddies

Friday, July 6, 2012

Houston, We are go for launch

Yes, folks today I had the defining ultrasound and bloodwork determining whether our timeline would stay or change. I had to have a minimum lining thickness of 8mm and mine was 15mm. Then I had to have a 120 of estrogen and 2 of progesterone. All were within the limits. We will have liftoff on 16 July @ 1pm.

Apollo and Athena are on a camping trip so they are out of communication, so hopefully they will be able to check email sooner or later and see the gret news.

Our family will head for their home state this weekend making a few stops along the way before reaching our destination of Zeus' hometown late week.

Continue your loving prayers for our safe travels and a problem free take-off as we attempt a journey no family member has tried before.

Houston, We are go for launch, countdown please.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ummm that's not right

Ok so the shots have been going pretty good lately until now. I didn't change any of my regular routine. Put the ice on, prepared the needle and then I tried to stick myself. Well it didn't go in as smoothly as the others normally do but I just pushed it in and released the medicine. After I pulled it out it bled and then it got his huge bump that looked green/purple like a bruise but very raised. It really freaked me out a bit. Asked Zeus and together we think I hit a blood vessel under the skin. I really don't care what I hit it sure did rattle me a bit. Immediately I decided to lay down hoping and wishing that it will go away and not burst and cover me with blood. Ewe now that would be freaky, don't ya think? Yea, maybe I should stay right here in bed avoiding the every 5 minute cover lifting to check the size of my latest bump. Looks like it is slowly getting smaller but I can't say for sure .

In other news we have our final ultrasound prior to transfer on Friday morning. This will tell us if the lining in my uterus is ready for a transfer in a few days. It's getting so close. If all is well then we will begin our travel across 2500 miles to our HPs fertility clinic.
Please continue to pray for safe travels, thick lining, no more bumps, and relaxing week for my HPs.
Blessings to all you bloggie Buddies