Wednesday, November 28, 2012

22 weeks

Thankfully bloggie buddies we made it to 22 weeks. Each day seems different from the last. I've been on the beta blocker meds for 2 weeks now, continually checking my blood pressure and they seem to have it regulated. However I have a side effect that is pretty nasty. The biggest is the dull, lingering headaches. They stink. I've never gotten many headaches in my life and these are manageable just not enjoyable and really make me rather irritable, ask Zeus. I'm overly tired all day too. So I go back to the doctor tomorrow to check make sure BP is still good, which I know since Zeus bought me this nifty little machine/monitor.

I'm doing pretty good other than that. Mr. Coconut is getting stronger by the day and really is starting to kick me or punch me in the bladder. It's crazy cause Ill walk out of the bathroom only to return minutes later. Him being breech makes those kicks much lower. It's different then my four babies were. Hopefully within the next 2 months he'll turn himself around.

I'm looking forward to the holidays, are you guys. It exciting since my brothers wife, my sister, is expecting a little girl 4 weeks before me and Zeus' brothers wife is expecting 2 days before me as well. We have several expecting cousins and 6 friends all pregnant right now. It's a bit crazy. But makes me smile. I do love babies. I'm hoping with 2 sisters expecting it'll lessen the blow of the official birth and handover. But we'll see.

Blessings to all you wonderful readers. I ask your continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and for doctor to keep me off of bed rest. Thanks friends.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

We made it to 20 wks

This morning the HPs made it into town safely. They came by and picked me up and off to lunch we went. We met Zeus at lunch since he had pressing work issues this morning (cough). Then it was off to the big ultrasound. I was so very nervous going in. I was hoping everything looked normal and that no major issues would be discovered. I Laid down and she checked my cervix and the sonographer noticed my bladder was too full, go figure. Back to the bathroom to empty. I wasn't complaining. I managed to get back on the table and the rest of the ultrasound went very well. Lots of tossing and tumbling for the little coconut.  My HPs decided this morning that they wanted to find out the gender. You know me, I was thrilled. I thought the baby was a girl because the kicks have lightened and I'm smaller in front than normal. But what's normal, right? So we found out I'm carrying a little BOY. It's so exciting. I'm glad they found out, it sure did make it real. And knowing the gender will help me through the labor and delivery mentally. I will be prepared for all those  things carrying a boy brings to me. Now, the kicks are light because my placenta is top sided making a barrier between the baby and my belly. Like a giant pillow. Makes perfect sense. Nice to know all the details though. Coconut weighs about 11oz. today with a 146bpm heartbeat and very lively and active. So much so it was tough to get a few pictures of those little feet. We even watched a complete somersault.

Now to the Momma here. I've now been diagnosed with gestational hypertension. Yuck, but it should be regulated by meds. Basically high blood pressure. It shouldn't be a huge deal, just another pill, eh? I'm doing well with weight gain.  So overall today's appt was fantastic news.

We enjoyed a nice celebratory dinner with my HPs and picked their brain for baby names and other fun ideas they have in mind. I'll go to bed today thankful to God for positive news. I'm thankful for HPs that are grateful for me and this gift. I'm thankful for a supportive extended family. Today I thank God for so many things.

I ask you to keep us in your prayers for continued health for both coconut and I

Blessings to all of you

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So I'm really nervous about tomorrow. Coconuts parents arrived in the city tonight and we will meet up with them tomorrow for lunch. Then we head off to the ultrasound appt for their first look at coconut. Then dinner at Olive Garden. I'm hoping all goes well and my nerves settle down.
Wish me luck and say a prayer it goes well.