Wednesday, May 16, 2012

God, I'm Listening this time

Welcome to my new blog friends!

Today I begin sharing the journey I've been walking about 2 months now. Let me go back and share from the beginning.

About 2 months ago, early April to be exact Zeus, my husband, received an email that will forever change our lives. The email was an adoption update from a long time friend of Zeus. The email asked where we were in our lives and if I was still interested in becoming a surrogate. This jump back a bit and I'll fill you in a little more.

 Most people know that I've had surrogacy on my mind for over 4 years now. But I never had much motivation to find someone and when I did those people were not interested or had something else going on in there life. But as time has gone by God has continued to put little clues out there reminding me that he wanted me to do this. Several times I ignored him or I just brushed him aside. Not this time. I decided to listen. I see the signs, I hear the voice and now I have chosen to walk the walk, one step at a time. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

So Zeus replied to the email and shared that he felt we needed to talk "face to face" via skype. We set a time up that worked for both families. During the passing days Zeus and I talked through every aspect of the process. Feelings, cost, sacrifices, family support, intentions, effects on our children and every other thing you can think of when jumping into a serious situation. The day came for our skype and the both of us were nervous wrecks. We had never met the wife before. Sure we researched every piece and lead we could find about this couple. Google can really be your best friend if you just use it. We weren't sure how this "meeting" was going to go. But we left it in Gods hands. Through fear and loads of sweat we sat on the couch side by side in support of each other.The meeting ended up with us saying YES. Yes, we were willing to begin the surrogacy process and see how far it would take us. Yes, we wanted to help a couple have their own family. Yes, we were willing to share our time with another family. Yes, if we were faced with the same terrible news we would want someone to do the same thing for us. Plain and simple.

So there it was. We had just listened to God and we felt relieved but we were more scared than anything. I couldn't stop thinking of all the things that could come up along the way. But I put my focus on the positive, faith in the Lord and I made 2 phone calls. The first to my Mom and the second to Zeus' Mom. We wanted to run it by them, ask their opinion and let them know we needed their support, 100%. Both Moms were 100% for our decision. Whew! What a huge relief. That support was worth no amount of money. I cried, I'll be honest. It was emotional. At that point we knew God was in control and would guide us through this process every. single. step.

So there you have it. By the Grace of God and the love in our hearts we have begun the long, bumpy, fulfilling journey of Surrogacy aka Gestational Carrier.

Step inside and follow us along on the journey of extreme emotions on this amazing, God controlled, roller coaster.

 I'm not the Momma, just the belly!!!!


  1. Dusty, I am so proud of you. I know you're going to make dreams come true with this exceptional and selfless gift. I'm praying for you through this wonderful journey. Lots of love, my friend!

  2. I hope you get notification of comments. You are an inspiration. As you go through surgery tomorrow, I want you to remember the last line of that last large paragraph. God is in control and many people are praying for you. Bless you for what you have done and I have faith that you will be healed.