Thursday, October 18, 2012

16 week checkup

This week was my week to go to the doctor. So yesterday I got showered, dressed and headed out the door informing my Nana to expect the kids off the bus at regular time. I drove the 22 miles to the doctor with 10 minutes to spare. I was so excited that I was early. With Zeus it is always the last minute, since he's out of the country it was all me. I walked in and signed in and they asked who I was seeing. The nurse could not find me in the system. The nurse did some more searching and found my appt, only it was not now. It would be tomorrow. Seriously, I came an entire day early. OH boy.
Back home I went.

Fast forward to today, Thursday, the correct day for the appt. Back to the doctor I go. This time I was early again and all set. I saw the doctor. It was good. Her hair looked great today. She had this beautiful scarf around her hair, super cute. Anyways, we went through all the questions about birth history and yada, yada, yada. She was pleased with my weight gain, saying not too much but not too little. Excellent. I was pleased too. It was a low number that made me smile. Then it was time for testing. Strip down, sorry Zeus, hop on the table and proceed to slide. hahaha, I'll stop there.
I was tested for STD's (Normal testing), yeast infection, and a Pap (a woman's favorite test).

Then it was time to listen to Coconut. Yep, still pregnant. Heart rate at 140. Perfect.
Blood work was drawn for vitamin deficiency and the final part of the sequential screening.

All is well. I will be starting more meds, Stop laughing, its not funny. OK, so maybe it is but I've convinced myself this whole pregnancy will be about taking meds. Yeast infections, not cool. This is the second one this pregnancy. I had lots of them with my own children's pregnancies. Pretty much used to it. Doctor also noticed another small bleed due to the infection, nothing to worry anyone about or to take precautions. It is normal with these type infections. Just jeez whiz so I or someone else doesn't freak if they notice. It's par for the course these days.

So things are going well. My Nana is here for a few days while Zeus is away. It is nice not to be alone with the kids. So next appt is the big ultrasound. Coconuts Mom and Dad are flying in for that one just for the day. Most likely they will not want to know what the sex is so I probably won't know either. Bummer, oh well.

Again I say thank you for all the praying friends and family out there. We are pushing through, again, one day at a time. Life is moving beautifully. Thanks everyone. I look forward to more fun into the holiday season.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

First time for everything

We made it to 15 weeks, can y'all believe it? I sure can't.

Because of the number of pregnancies and bed rest and my inability to exercise due to high risk I'm getting a bigger belly than I'd expected. So it was time to get some maternity clothes especially pants since none of mine fit. That's embarrassing. Anyways I needed to purchase some warm clothes since summer has passed and winter is approaching. I've been wearing the new stuff the last few days but crazy pregnant brain has set in and I've been caught twice wearing tags in public. Go ahead and laugh, Zeus did and he let me wear a tag all day before sharing with me before bedtime. That monster. Anyways it's funny I guess.

Each day coconuts kicks and punches get harder and harder. Last night after the kids went to bed coconut was practicing gymnastics. So I called Zeus over to see if he could feel it. Amazingly enough he was!! It was kinda fun watching him try to figure out what was happening. This is an active lil baby.

It was fun to finally be able to share it with someone. There's a first time for everything.

Blessings Bloggie Buddies

Sunday, October 7, 2012

National News

The news is my favorite thing to read, watch and search. Most of my close friends and family can tell you that I am a little obsessed with knowing what happens in the world around me. That can be good and bad these days.

But this week it just so happens to be a good thing. Like most mornings, I turn on the Today Show to see what is happening while browsing the web news sites. It just so happens that the Today Show covered Surrogacy in a very positive segment this week. Most magazine articles, TV shows and news stories show a more negative side of surrogacy. I was pleased to see the positive segment.

Here is the link if you would like to watch the segment. It is interesting to see what others think and how it is viewed. I am glad that it is finally not such a Taboo subject anymore. Its important that people have options. I'm thankful for those willing to stand up for these way to parenthood.
I wouldn't mind doing a news story at some point about the process, the support, the love and the reason why I chose this route.

I thank you all for reading and continuing to follow me.

I'm in my 14th week and each day is different. Some days I crave fish, others its cranberries, some its bell peppers, rice. Each day it changes. The nausea is still around but it minor. As long as I've got something in my belly I'm usually OK. I really have to watch what I eat and how much of it. I have indigestion that horrid and heartburn when I eat too much spice. The belly gets bigger by the day and I'm officially in maternity clothes. I was able to buy a maternity coat this past week so that the winter days are not miserable.

I had to sit my babies down the other night and try to understand the significance of this pregnancy and the consequences of their actions around me. It was not fun but needed since I have 3 rambunctious boys. I was sad watching them cry when I explained the consequences. I hadn't envisioned the need to explain all this to them but they can't understand completely the importance of this sacrifice. They just want Mommy but Mommy has to be very careful since we are so High Risk. Being a surrogate, you never understand what your own kids might feel, go through or imagine. I now know mine still have not grasped this completely even the oldest. It's huge. So I ask you pray for my babies to accept this sacrifice and that Zeus and I find a way to make them feel special and a part of this process. Tough Time.

I ask for continued prayers for coconut, myself, Zeus and the HP's. Blessings to all of you. Glory to God that we made it another week.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pills, pills, pills

All I can do is laugh right now. You know the phrase it's better to laugh than cry. Yeah, we'll that's the route I'm taking, laughing.

This morning I was talking to Gma and telling her how excited I was to finally be done with pills. I just got done taking 2 sets of meds for some infections I'd acquired. I was thrilled for about 15 mins. The phone rang while I was still talking to her. It was the doctor. Usually not a good sign if it was unwarranted. I asked what was up, you know trying not to seem worried. She let me know blood work was back and I'm in need of more medication. Hahaha, I know it's not funny but kinda it is. So my vitamin D levels are severely low. Surprised, absolutely not. I just spent almost 7 weeks on bed rest. So I was not hanging out in the sun like my normal days might allow. So I have 8 more weeks of meds.

It's amazing how different this pregnancy is from my last 4. But I'm working really hard to make a couple a family so if I must continue swallowing pills, then let the swallowing begin.

Say a prayer for no major reactions or symptoms. Say a prayer for my appt. coming up to go well and that progress continues.

Thanks friends for your following and interest in my journey, it humbling.
Blessings bloggie buddies