Saturday, January 3, 2015

22 months

22 months! Wow, coconut is really almost 2 yrs old. 

It's no secret I haven't heard much from the family this year. It has been difficult to understand and try to move on from a dream. I walked this journey in love and trusted that through friendship I could give someone the greatest gift known to man. However my hopes, expectations or plan did not come to complete fruition. Accepting that hasn't been an easy task but I've come to grips with it and have learned not to dwell on it. 

I love having been a surrogate and milk donor and hopefully one day God will grant me the opportunity to do it again. 

Today I'm grateful that in December I did receive a Santa email update and a Christmas card. That was really nice and was not expected but was sooooo needed. I know he's doing well and looks happy. 

I'm wishing all you other surrogates a happy new year and please do your research for your IPS, your agency, your lawyers, your doctors, your plan and don't jump to soon. I'm anxious to hear your stories of selflessness and to see your beautiful creations. I wish you all happy healthy pregnancies and wonderful relationships with your IPS/IMS/IFS. Sticky thoughts my loves

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