Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pumping station AKA Momma Milk Depot

Hey there we are 4 weeks postpartum now and coconut is officially 4 weeks/1 month old. Wow, that's just crazy. I'm healing but it's an extremely slow process. Still very painful but I'm managing.

So I'm pretty busy these days. Every 3-4 hours I hook myself up to this little machine, (Breast pump) even in the middle of the night. I stay attached for about 15-20 minutes. After that time I have anywhere from 8-12oz of liquid gold, or breast milk. All the bottles get emptied into bags. I write the date and my famous number and they go directly into my freezer. Over the past 3 weeks, since Coconut left I have frozen some 300 bags of milk. Very soon the shipping will begin.

What am I doing with it, you ask? Well as I am always trying to reach out and help others around me. This time I will use my milk to help. My milk is being donated to a milk bank, tested, and broken down into smaller packaging and distributed yo hospitals across the country to NICUs and used for preemies weighing less than 3lbs. My breast milk will help those mothers unable to produce and babies too sick to eat anything else. It's a dream I've wanted to do for many years. It's a calling from God. I thank God that I'm an over producer. I'm a lucky girl who got to breast feed my 4 children problem free with leftovers. Today I get to be an angel to thousands of babies who'll never know me but who'll have life because God allowed me to help them and their families.

How long will I donate? I don't know. We will see how I can fit it into our lives. I hope for several months. But I'll leave that to God and his will and I'll just follow.

Here's some pictures for your delight. We now have 3 shelves in our freezer full of this milk. Enjoy

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