Thursday, April 25, 2013

A lot to leave behind

WOW, Its been a tough 7 weeks. Coconut is growing so big and has topped 8 pounds already. He is doing well, I hear. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of him and hope he is doing well.

We are moving! In less than 45 days. Its crazy. Being a military family moving is always something we must do. This time will burn. You ask why? Well all the fun memories, hard days, special times with coconut were experienced here, in St. Louis. The first and last time I felt him, saw him and held him will be here. The first sonogram, the last sonogram, the first heartbeat and all those other pregnancy feelings were all felt and lived here. So a part of me doesn't want to leave. A part of me will always be here. I'll take those memories and my scar with me wherever I go, this I know.

I look forward to the new memories that South Texas has waiting for us but it doesn't make leaving any easier. My life as a surrogate has been an awesome journey. I do think I could do it again. I'm just not sure I want to. I'll leave that decision to God and just listen to him as he guides me through the rest of my days. On a side note I am down almost 40 pounds since birthing that precious boy. I think the pumping of the breast milk has really helped shed the pounds. I will send my first shipment of milk out within a few days. It's pretty crazy how much I have pumped, we are talking over 3000 ounces. Isn't that nuts. I know it is. But I try to keep an every 3 hr schedule. It's working though. The milk continues to flow and lots of it.

I'll update more soon about the upcoming move and possibly some new pictures of the lil guy.

Thanks for all your continued prayers and positive encouragement and support. You'll never know how much it helps and how I appreciate sharing my story with all of you. I hope this story never ends.

Blessings to all you Bloggie Buddies.

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