Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Ball Continues to Roll

Its been rollin' for awhile but with every new step we take it feels closer and closer that reality will have me pregnant by summer's end. Yesterday I got several test results on myself and everything was negative or normal. That was wonderful. You don't realize how many puzzle pieces have to come together to create a baby. But thankfully physically I am clean, clear, and signed off to carry a bundle or bundles of joy.

 Today the good news kept coming. Donor is clean and clear and she is set to give us some eggs in late June. So that leaves me to nail down a few dates for my travel to Pacific Northwest. We are scheduled to talk with the Doc later this week to determine what is a good date for us to complete the transfer. Its amazing how its coming together. Still not looking forward to the fast approaching date to begin daily injections. I think Zeus is secretly smiling thinking of the fact that he gets to stab me daily. For a reason of course.

 Later this week we are also scheduled to sign and complete the legal agreement as well. That has been an on going work in progress but it looks really close now.

 So there are still many steps yet to do but each one feels great when we turn around and look back and see all the steps we have taken. Right now, My brain feels like I am living a dream. Time is moving ever so slow and the details are fading or have become less important. I'm not sure how to explain it, it just feels different almost like an out of body experience, sort of. I know Athena and I both wish we could wave a wand and poof I am in the eighth month, hahahaha. Its not that easy. But it is so comforting that my HP's are so comfortable with me. I love being able to chat on the phone, text silly pictures together or just talk life. Apollo and Athena already feel like siblings, friends or long lost cousins. They are so excited and I love hearing and experiencing that excitement with them.
 So I ask all you wonderful readers to continue praying for smooth ride to the finish line as we near the starting tape. The ball rolls and it rolls further and further each day.

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