Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special days

Lately life had gotten rather boring, but do you blame me. I mean seriously, lay in bed, lay on couch, go pee and repeat. That had become the existence of my life. Luckily I was authorized last week to attend my precious children's soccer games provided I was not actively bleeding.

Saturday, All four of my babies had games. I woke up early to help make sure everyone was eating and had all their shin guards and matching socks for their uniforms. First thing as I walk to the couch my Omega says, Mom are you bleeding? Was this really coming out of the mouth of my 10 yr old. He just asked if I was bleeding. Ummm, not your normal first question of the day. I answered, NO, will all the speed he could acquire in 20 feet he dashed at me to give me the biggest hug and say, That means you can come to our games. I smiled so big. A tear came to my eye, as I had made his day. Inside I felt panic. I didn't ever want to be the absent parent but for the last 4 weeks I had been. Especially in my babies eyes. This made me question myself and my intentions to help someone else. For just a minute. Then I realized, I was giving them the opportunity to feel the same way I did at that very moment.

Saturday turned out to be an incredible day. I got to see goals scoreed, soccer balls head butted, and 4 sweet babies running in the wind loving life. What more could a Mommy ask for? But Zeus had more in mind. He had dreamed up a mystery dinner. He wanted to have people over to give me something to smile and laugh about. It was a great idea. I was able to have friends over and have something to chat about other than the negatives of life. It truly was fun to see all the fun costumes and here the funny voices of the characters. It was perfect.

I'm still battling nausea, some days the toilet gets lots of love. Not my favorite symptom I've ever experienced and never giving love to a toilet. But, the bleeding has slowed and has disappeared on many days. That has been wonderful at times.

I have gotten a few cards in the mail that have added to the smiles and my neighbors have decided to come visit me. It has been helpful.

Pray is awesome and I ask that you continue to pray. Friday we find out if I shall be released from the bed rest. Prayers from you all I must say have been a blessings and I'm thankful.

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