Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Little Train That Could

Hey Guys hows yall's holiday weekend? Mine, well let me just share with you.

So Thursday, Friday were complete blood free and cramp free days. It was wonderful. I was feeling really good and was really looking forward to my doctors visit on Wednesday. I thought If I went in with several solid "normal" days she would release me from this awful Bed rest/ Pelvic rest. Friday, Zeus spent almost his entire day cleaning our house. He worked so hard to vacuum, steam the floors, scrub the kitchen, grocery shop, sort and start the laundry. I mean he was moving. It was awesome. He's a keeper. I love him. Don't get any bright ideas, I'm not sharing ladies.

Saturday I woke up feeling really good. Again another "normal" day. Things had really been looking up. I was feeling good and my appetite had finally returned. I was actually able to down a glass of milk. Woo Hoo. That has been many weeks since I have been able to do that. So the day was a rainy day as Isaac arrived helping our extreme drought situation a bit. We watched movies and hung out as a family, helped Omega with some extra credit homework and some trumpet playing. It was fun. Even from the couch. Zeus was researching brain puzzles so we turned the TV off and spent 2 hours as a family solving brain puzzles. That was fun and the kids really enjoyed trying to figure out some of the puzzles or should I say trying to beat Mommy and Daddy with the puzzles. They did really well.

While lying on the couch I felt something weird and then smelt something even weirder. I was on the phone with a friend at the time so I ran to the bathroom, yes still on the phone. I do this often, don't be surprised. I promise I'll mute myself so you can't hear me. Nevertheless this time wasn't good, I needed new underwear and had to jump off the phone quickly. After having Zero and Zeus help clean me up I was back to bleeding and cramping. Another huge bummer. In hate ruining underwear, Don't you? Now I was worried what the Doctor would say or if she would release me I, if I was bleeding just a few days before her visit. So the rest of the night I lay still as I can be to avoid any extra pain other than what I was already dealing with. It was mild-medium cramping, kinda like something you would experience during menstrual cycle. Thankfully, Zeus got me some tylenol to dull the pain as much as I could. I can't explain it. No reason why this is happening. No idea what is causing it. No idea when or if it will ever stop.

Its been 3 weeks now. Yes, seriously I have been in this house for 3 weeks. This is crazy. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Wishing that one day real soon I can return to my family. I know my children are fed up with me being "lazy" and I know they don't completely understand why I have to lay here when I "look" fine. I know they miss having Mommy to do things for them. Daddy tries, but can not do things like Mommy. I'm feeling terribly guilty for my babies. This was suppose to be happy times. But they are not happy with Mommy down all day. I'm feeling a bit defeated.

Yall's love and support has been so helpful. The sweet notes, messages and surprise packages really help me put on my "happy face". Thank you all for the love and prayers. You are wonderful friends and I'm glad you are each in my life. Wouldn't be who I am today without the majority of you. I'm remembering that special little book and with yall's help this little train that could will get through this someday.

Blessings to all of you and please continue to ask God to watch over us. This is his will and I pray that the lessons he is teaching are being learned by all those that he is reaching out to. I love my God and I praise him through this rocky road up the mighty hill. I know he's pushing me up the hill.

Love Love Love


  1. I'm so sorry! I hope things get back to normal soon! Thinking of you all!

  2. Three weeks? Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. If there's anything that can make time completely stop and actually feel like things are going backwards, it's bedrest. I'm praying that things even out and heal up so you can get up and on with life. xoxo