Sunday, September 23, 2012

12 week doctor appt

Friday was a scary yet anxious day. I was headed back to the doctor to find out if things had actually settled down or it was just a tease. Zeus got half the day off so he decided he would go with me. Don't quite understand why he would not but that's Zeus for ya.

 So we go in and they had scheduled an ultrasound as part of the Sequential screening. So we go in and it was a beautiful room with lots of space. Could be neat if our HP's ever get to come out. But Zeus was a nice guy and took a few pictures and videos to share with everyone. The sonographer was so wonderful, she even made us a CD with pictures to share. Totally didn't have to.

It was fun to see the difference from the last ultrasound 3 weeks ago to today's. We have a completely formed baby growing right on schedule. It was fun to see. Very different when it is not yours but still amazing that coconut is in my belly. Lots of emotions, but not the normal emotions. I can't explain it.

Isn't that amazing. you can clearly see coconuts nose, chin, a belly and a little foot. Coconut's heartbeat is 171 and growing right on schedule. This is great news. Made me relax a little more.

Then it was time to see the doctor. Still a nervous wreck. Doctor was pleased with everything she saw. She did say that I will remain High Risk and will need to be monitored more closely than a normal pregnancy. I was OK with that. Then she said however you are released from bed rest. I smiled big and told her she made my day. Then she said she'd see me back in 4 weeks. Excellent news all around.

I headed off to the lab where I had about 11 vials of blood drawn. It was quite crazy to be honest, I was glad that I ate something just before the appointment.

What a great relief it was to think I was a free woman this weekend. I have never been to jail but I'd think jail had to be close to what it felt like to be closed up in my house for 6 weeks. Yuck, truly do not wish this on anyone else. So what's a free woman do? Well go for a slush at Sonic and then shopping at Walmart, of course. It really felt foreign to me. I wasn't sure what to do first.

Saturday we had soccer games, then got to go out to dinner with my family (first time in 8 weeks), then took the kids to let them ride go karts and hits some balls are the batting cages, and finally a stop by Garden Ridge for some much needed artificial flowers to spruce my boring house up. It has been a fantastic weekend.

I'm still very tired but I think that comes with being pregnant. I'll just have to take it slow for the next 6 months but at least I have earned some much needed freedom.

Thank you all for the continued prayers of support. I know God is good and he is in control. This is his plan. your prayers are always welcomed and have proven to be life savers. Thank y'all so much for caring about me and my desire to take this journey. As hard and as emotional as it has been I know God is carrying me. I am blessed and I thank you all with all my heart.

God Bless all my wonderful Bloggie Buddies.

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  1. Yay!!!!! I know about bed rest... I'm unable to walk more than 5 minutes right now and I'm about to scream lol... only 14 weeks left though! So glad you are doing so well!!