Thursday, October 18, 2012

16 week checkup

This week was my week to go to the doctor. So yesterday I got showered, dressed and headed out the door informing my Nana to expect the kids off the bus at regular time. I drove the 22 miles to the doctor with 10 minutes to spare. I was so excited that I was early. With Zeus it is always the last minute, since he's out of the country it was all me. I walked in and signed in and they asked who I was seeing. The nurse could not find me in the system. The nurse did some more searching and found my appt, only it was not now. It would be tomorrow. Seriously, I came an entire day early. OH boy.
Back home I went.

Fast forward to today, Thursday, the correct day for the appt. Back to the doctor I go. This time I was early again and all set. I saw the doctor. It was good. Her hair looked great today. She had this beautiful scarf around her hair, super cute. Anyways, we went through all the questions about birth history and yada, yada, yada. She was pleased with my weight gain, saying not too much but not too little. Excellent. I was pleased too. It was a low number that made me smile. Then it was time for testing. Strip down, sorry Zeus, hop on the table and proceed to slide. hahaha, I'll stop there.
I was tested for STD's (Normal testing), yeast infection, and a Pap (a woman's favorite test).

Then it was time to listen to Coconut. Yep, still pregnant. Heart rate at 140. Perfect.
Blood work was drawn for vitamin deficiency and the final part of the sequential screening.

All is well. I will be starting more meds, Stop laughing, its not funny. OK, so maybe it is but I've convinced myself this whole pregnancy will be about taking meds. Yeast infections, not cool. This is the second one this pregnancy. I had lots of them with my own children's pregnancies. Pretty much used to it. Doctor also noticed another small bleed due to the infection, nothing to worry anyone about or to take precautions. It is normal with these type infections. Just jeez whiz so I or someone else doesn't freak if they notice. It's par for the course these days.

So things are going well. My Nana is here for a few days while Zeus is away. It is nice not to be alone with the kids. So next appt is the big ultrasound. Coconuts Mom and Dad are flying in for that one just for the day. Most likely they will not want to know what the sex is so I probably won't know either. Bummer, oh well.

Again I say thank you for all the praying friends and family out there. We are pushing through, again, one day at a time. Life is moving beautifully. Thanks everyone. I look forward to more fun into the holiday season.



  1. Sounds like a routine pregnancy now - at least for you. Glad to hear Ryan is back safe and sound.