Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pills, pills, pills

All I can do is laugh right now. You know the phrase it's better to laugh than cry. Yeah, we'll that's the route I'm taking, laughing.

This morning I was talking to Gma and telling her how excited I was to finally be done with pills. I just got done taking 2 sets of meds for some infections I'd acquired. I was thrilled for about 15 mins. The phone rang while I was still talking to her. It was the doctor. Usually not a good sign if it was unwarranted. I asked what was up, you know trying not to seem worried. She let me know blood work was back and I'm in need of more medication. Hahaha, I know it's not funny but kinda it is. So my vitamin D levels are severely low. Surprised, absolutely not. I just spent almost 7 weeks on bed rest. So I was not hanging out in the sun like my normal days might allow. So I have 8 more weeks of meds.

It's amazing how different this pregnancy is from my last 4. But I'm working really hard to make a couple a family so if I must continue swallowing pills, then let the swallowing begin.

Say a prayer for no major reactions or symptoms. Say a prayer for my appt. coming up to go well and that progress continues.

Thanks friends for your following and interest in my journey, it humbling.
Blessings bloggie buddies

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