Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 wks Successful

We are just cruising right along folks. Yesterday was my 30 wk appt and it went great. My weight, BP and Fundal height are all normal. Mr. Coconuts heart rate is about 145 so he is doing fantastic.

I'm a single mom right now since Zeus is deployed to that awful desert place. I'm thankful its only a 4-6 wk deployment. Thanks God. But it gets interesting around here when he is away. I have to put super mom wings on and push through the issues. I had a pressure sensor come on in my car so I needed air in my tires. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman try to put air in her tires when it's below 20 degrees? HAHAHA, yeah I did attempt to do that Tuesday night. Clearly it did not go very well. So I asked the wife of one of Zeus' co-workers if he could help me this morning. Thankfully he obliged and was able to safely get the right amount of air in my tires without having to stand up 5 separate times. I was wonderful. I'm so very thankful. It's funny how when Zeus leaves crazy things happen around here. Always, thankfully we have not had a hospital trip yet and hope to not have one any time soon.

The kids are really starting to question this baby and the ins and outs of how he is gonna arrive. Their questions are good, don't get me wrong, however they are super curious children and some of these questions have been rather tough to answer. But nonetheless their interest has been raised a ton as the bulging basketball gently turns into a beach ball.

Doctor says we will be seen again in 2 wks and at that point it will be every 4 days or twice a week however you want to look at it. So I may need to set a play list on my phone for the fun trips back and forth. Its all for precautionary reasons since I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure 10 weeks ago. It for the safety of both me and Coconut. Not great news as these appt.s will last much longer but hey its what's right for the lil guy.

So here's a fun picture of my oldest two boys, Omega and Zulu imitating my pregnancy.
So life is continuing on week by week as we get closer and closer to the arrival of Mr.Coconut, who I hope has a name real soon.

Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts through this journey.

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