Thursday, February 7, 2013

32 weeks and counting.....

Today was a fairly lengthy and wild doctor appt. I had a feelin going in that it could be a bit different. Thankfully I was able to talk Zeus into going in with me since he did have the day off.

We were told as soon as we arrived that Doctor was called to hospital for emergency C section and would be awhile. Luckily for me there are 2 doctors and 2 midwives so we opted to see the midwife instead of waiting hours.

Blood pressure measured normal, which was good news. Fundal height is measuring exactly at 32 weeks. Coconuts heart rate was measured at 141, perfect for this stage in the game. I lost a pound which was no problem either. Then it was time to start my NST, non stress test used to measure baby's movements with heart rate. So they strapped me down with two monitors, one to measure heart rate and the other to measure contractions. We needed 2, 15 bpm spike within 20mims. Today I had the 15bpm spike but not within 20 mins so they left me on the monitor longer to get the spikes but they didn't come in timely fashion. So I was whisked off to the ultrasound room so they could measure 4 other things. They needed to see "practice breathing" basically just his little lungs moving up and down. This one was imperative. We got it within the first 20 secs of ultrasound. Then we needed to check 4 areas for normal fluid levels. All areas looked great. Then we needed to see baby move. Got it, he's a busy bee so this was no problem. Then we needed to look at his heart for good beating and all looked great. So that ended up only taking about 5-7 minutes.

Now we go in every 4 days for follow up NST tests. Then once a week regular OB exams. So from here on out it's gonna get wickedly busy. Thankfully Zeus is home from Afghanistan and should be able to help me manage all the kids appts and activities.

It was a good appointment today.

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