Thursday, February 14, 2013

33 weeks....and another failed test

Monday we had a NST test and it went perfectly. Sat down, found Coconuts heart rate, and got strapped down. Then we began the monitoring. Twenty minutes later, everything was great, we got the two spikes within the twenty minutes. Doctor released me and I was good to go. I was thrilled.

Now, 4 days later we to have another one. It'll have to be this way until we give birth. Not very excited about this .So Today we had another NST appt and Doctor appt back to back. Since today is Valentines Day I was feeling happy and special since Zeus my loving husband was here this year and brought me Balloons and flowers, such a sweetheart. So it was a good afternoon. I was feeling very positive going in since Mondays NST went so well. So I sat down, opened up my digital book and started reading. A few minutes into the monitoring the baby was bouncing all over the place. He was really busy. But his little heart did not spike like we needed it to. After about 4 times of the nurse coming to check my readout she came back in and said they needed to take me to ultrasound immediately.So they took me to the big ultrasound machine and needed to check for all the same stuff they for last week. This is because I failed the NST. So baby was kicking and moving good which the ultrasound tech said was great and one of the four things she needed to see. The baby also had to show us his breathing skills, good heartbeat, a stomach and good amniotic fluid levels. All was perfect. So she did a few quick measurements and found that baby was breach. This does not bod well for this pregnancy. She said that the little guy needs to be head down by 36 weeks. If not then the doctors are going to need to manually turn him, a procedure that can be extremely painful. I'm hoping Coconut will turn himself around before then so I do not have to go through all that pain. It was a scary appointment. The tech did recognize that Coconut is close to 5 pounds. That's a good thing.

Then it was time to talk to the doctor. I got to meet the other Doctor in the office just in case my doctor is not on duty when I go into labor. She was great. Very nice and surprisingly looked just like our Hopeful Momma. So she did not like the fact that the NST did not go well. She did mention that if I continue this pattern that I will be put back on bed rest. This is a bad word in our house. I don't have time to be on bed rest and Zeus does not have time to be a single working father. Definitely not in the plan. So, she told me to stop doing as much around the house. Well, we have someone cleaning our house weekly so I'm not doing that but I am picking up, straightening things, doing the laundry, cooking dinner and things like that. So I guess I will have to lean a little more on Zeus for laundry and the kids,which I struggle with because I am the stay at home mom, the one whose job it is to do those things. It makes me feel guilty, lazy, and like a burden upon my family. It's totally frustrating. Not to mention that my husband just returned from the hells of Afghanistan and its his birthday month. Really I am the one who wanted to step up and help this family, it was my doing, not my families. It is not their job to take over for my lack of work. It's killing me to know I have to do this so that Coconut will be OK and healthy and to ensure I do not have to have a C-section, something that will take me out even longer. Uggggg. It was not suppose to happen this way. I'm so frustrated. But nevertheless the doctor said my blood pressure was good. Fundal height is measuring right on time and baby with all his measurements is about a week ahead which pretty normal for someone who has BIG babies. So I was released with the understanding that I will lay low.

So for now I must relinquish more household duties and try to keep contractions to a minimum. The Hopeful Momma is coming for a visit this weekend and to a appt this next week. I'm excited to see her and to have her feel her little Coconut. But I just wish things were a little less eventful.

So I ask of you again. I need prayers that Coconut will turn himself around. I need prayers that the NST's in the future will be passed with fewer fails than now. I appreciate your love and kindness and thoughts. Thank you so much.


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  1. praying for you and the family and the dr's and EVERYONE!