Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hard day

Today started out rough. We were forced to have a c section after I woke up in a puddle at 1:30am. The baby was still breech and sitting very high up. I was very disappointed. I wanted a normal vaginal delivery but coconuts health wouldn't have faired well that way. So after seeing doc at 7:30am we were in the OR by 8am. I hated the needle prick, the numbness and the lack of control. After all the pulling and tugging, coconut came out and I was able to glance at him. He needed help breathing so Zeus couldn't hold him nor could I. Once I was stitched up Zeus came to my recovery room telling me that coconut was headed to the children's hospital. I immediately went into a mental shutdown. I was crushed. They wheeled me into a normal room and a few minutes later they wheeled this massive contraption into my room so I could take a peek. From 3 ft away, through a plastic box I had to let him go. It was dreadful. I couldn't believe I'd let this happen. But after that it was me dealing with this enormous pain in my heart and the horrid pain of having my stomach sliced from hip to hip. So I was left, with Zeus, thankfully to traverse this new road. Zeus made it better by bringing my babies to see me and have dinner with me. It was so special. He's a good guy. I also was sent some gorgeous flowers that brightened the day a little more, thanks D &T. So here's a few pictures.

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