Monday, June 25, 2012

Another step complete

Wow, when we started this process I did not think it would have ever taken this long. But today I never imagined us actually getting to this point. It's been a long road and we aren't even pregnant yet. I'm anxious every time we reach a milestone.

Today we received fantastic news. We have frozen embryos and more than any of us anticipated. It's awesome. We have enough to do this process several times. Thank you Lord above. It's so cool to know our embryos are simply waiting on me now. Actually puts the pressure on much heavier than before. . I'm working hard not to miss a dose of my meds and to follow all of my instructions to a t. We are now less than a month away from a pregnancy. I've started searching out maternity clothes. I actually bought 2 dresses that were on sale and then added a coupon so I got 2 brand new cute dresses for $18. They will be perfect for my dress loving , expanding body. Now for garage sales, thrift stores and loaners.

We are officially one more step complete. Keep the prayers coming folks we need them, all of them we can get.

Blessings bloggie buddies

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