Friday, June 22, 2012

Hold on....

Today I had another ultrasound to measure the lining once again since it was too thick on Wednesday. I was so nervous this morning headed to the office. My 40 mile drive was much easier today versus the 90minute drive on Wednesday. Once I arrived I had to wait awhile for the room to clear. That did not help my nervousness one bit.

We get in and she's taking pictures and I measure at a 7. She seems pleased with the result. I'm trying everything not to crawl off the table because it hurt so bad. Really would not recommend a vaginal ultrasound twice in one week. Oh man, I might not be able to make myself pee the next few days. Ouch!!!

So the fertility clinic called and said lining is still too thick, it absolutely needs to be at a 5. That figures, leave it to my body to hold on to everything baby. Seriously!!! So she says we have to wait one more day before Lupron can be reduced and patches can be started. This will delay things by one day as of now. Next ultrasound is now moved to July 6. I'm bummed and a bit sad that I am now holding things up.

So it looks like Saturday is the day we get to mix it up a bit and add some crazy hormones. Hoping Zeus and babies remain patient and loving as I have no idea how these new meds will affect me or my mood.

Say a prayer that things stay on target without too many more hiccups. Say a prayer that Apollo does well in his triathlon this weekend. Say a prayer that the meds don't take me for too big of a ride.

Hold on to your hats, we're in for a bit of a roller coaster ride.


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