Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Oh my goodness today has finally turned out to be a HUGE, and I mean HUGE relief.

Yesterday, well that day needs to just be erased from history. It was the worst day we have had throughout this whole process. I won't go into detail just know we were bantering back and forth with lawyers to finalize the contract. I think I cried more than I have in years. Puking, nausea, and sadness  were all experienced yesterday. Ewwwww, just not something I ever want to deal with again. So glad my eyes were not swollen shut today, just puffy.

Thankfully today is a new day. A sunny, warm, happy and tummy calmed day. A day with smiles. A day with positive communication. A day planning future trips. A day seeing Insurance Agents. A day of peace. A day of milestones.

 I woke up to a phone call from the lawyer. She is quick, which is amazing.  She had heard from the other lawyer and all was well with the legal agreement and we were set to sign. After receiving our copy in the late afternoon I ran, OK maybe drove but you get my drift,  to Zeus' work so we could have two, neutral, of age adults witness our signing and then sign as well. Nothing like telling someone 2 minutes before they are to sign something about our impending journey. Zeus has a way of doing that. HAHAHA. We found two gracious characters to help us complete our portion. Then we had to scan, attach and email it back to the lawyer. Many other copies will be sent through mail.

So happy we are done with that part of this journey. If anyone wants or is interested in ever starting their own journey I must say that this has got to be the hardest part thus far. But, with patience, love and loads more of love we are officially, legally bound to this journey. It's weird to finally be done with this MAJOR and I mean major step of the process. I never imagined finally making it this far. I am so thankful for all the prayers and for Gods hand in all this.

Today we are now mere days from starting the next big step. Medication, OK maybe not so much medication as INJECTIONS. Yikes, I'm a bit nervous as I will start while Zeus is in Ohio. But it's only 7 days right. I mean all I have to do is give myself 7 shots without him, should be no big deal right? NOT!!! Maybe I should teach my 11 yr old how to administer these. Ok, Ok, Ok not the brightest idea I've ever had but it sure sounds better than having to do it myself, doesn't it.  Man, I'm not sure how surrogates do this without a partner to support them and love them and ultimately stab them with a needle everyday. Oh well, he will be home very soon after that and then he can assume his husbandly duties of administering these ugly shots to his fragile wife. Stop laughing, I am fragile. OK, so maybe not, just don't tell him that. He's been AWESOME every step of the way. Especially yesterday, he was like Honey, my nickname, its no big deal, all will get worked out and life will go on while he sat in his office chair shrugging his shoulders without any sign of concern while I sat bawling my eyes out. Such a loving, comedian I live with and somehow love. After all that. It was a good day.


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