Thursday, June 28, 2012

3rd Times A Charm

After my last ultrasound I got to start taking estradiol patches. I have a really strict schedule of when to put it on and when to change it or add more. This week I am on my 3rd set of patches. I'm on 2 patches for 2 days. Then I'll go to three and then four before we do the transfer. But that comes later, right now this experienced, stretch marked, flabby belly of mine has 3 sets of patch marks. It's kinda funny now that I have those and needle entry marks and a few bruises to add to the beauty this belly is seriously taking a beating before ever having babies kick me, LOL. Anyways, there's two pictures here, can you tell which one is the patches vs which one is just the residue. I think it's funny, you might not but it's just another step towards making this couple a family. I never dreamed that there would be this much preparation for a comfy home but geez was I ever surprised.

The third set of patches has actually been much better than the first two, today I have zero symptoms. No headaches, no sore scalp, no itchiness, well not sure about weight gain but that's been an ongoing fight with all these meds. Not overly worried since I am about to need that weight for the precious cargo that will soon be on board. Trying to maintain my excitement and squash my expectations since my HPs will definitely be thinking differently than I but I'm hopeful we get the outcome we hope for the first shot, haha or 200th shot!!!!! I crack myself up, get it all the shots I'm taking. Ok, so maybe you don't. I must lonely or something with Zeus having been gone all week. Anyways, that's the latest update from my world. I'll try to share more soon. Just keep those prayers coming.

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