Monday, June 18, 2012

Pin cushion

A few days ago Athena decided she wanted my nickname to be pin cushion. If you ask why then you must not have read that I have to receive daily injections for about 4 months. Its fitting, thats for sure. So, she texted me the other day and said "hey PC". I fell off the bed laughing so hard. It truly was funny, or so I thought. Thanks Athena!!

Last night I discovered that each of the injection sites are beginning to bruise, ugly green bruises. I now look more like a punching bag than a pin cushion. My injections are coming along though and I'm getting a little better each day at dispensing the medicine without reading 3 pages of directions which I had been doing the last several days. Zeus has yet to give me an injection, I've had the courage to continue them myself since he came home. Woo hoo, for now.

On another note I'm looking for maternity clothes. Since my youngest is 6 1/2 yr old and we had completed our family I shared mine with others and am starting from scratch all over again. So if you have some laying around or know a friend/neighbor I'm more than willing to accept used clothing in size large and extra large. I blow up quickly once pregnant so I will need them fairly soon. I do not want to have to buy all new as that will get expensive. Never done a full
Winter pregnancy, so this should be different. Please help if you can!!!!

Birth control pills were completed on Friday and we are now waiting on mother nature to arrive any day. Wednesday we go for ultrasound and bloodwork and we will add estrogen patches to the daily med regimen then as well. I hear we have egg retrieval from our donor that day as well. Athena might have a phone glued to her face all day with all the excitement.

Today I've been sick to my stomach since about 3pm, not a good sign. Zeus needs a nastigram since he is less than helpful and lacks any sympathy.

Thanks for your continued prayers for my upcoming pregnancy, my hopeful parents patience, strength and courage and for safe travels.

Off to Santa Clause Indiana for a few days with my babies for outstanding report cards. I'll write when we return

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