Monday, July 2, 2012

Ummm that's not right

Ok so the shots have been going pretty good lately until now. I didn't change any of my regular routine. Put the ice on, prepared the needle and then I tried to stick myself. Well it didn't go in as smoothly as the others normally do but I just pushed it in and released the medicine. After I pulled it out it bled and then it got his huge bump that looked green/purple like a bruise but very raised. It really freaked me out a bit. Asked Zeus and together we think I hit a blood vessel under the skin. I really don't care what I hit it sure did rattle me a bit. Immediately I decided to lay down hoping and wishing that it will go away and not burst and cover me with blood. Ewe now that would be freaky, don't ya think? Yea, maybe I should stay right here in bed avoiding the every 5 minute cover lifting to check the size of my latest bump. Looks like it is slowly getting smaller but I can't say for sure .

In other news we have our final ultrasound prior to transfer on Friday morning. This will tell us if the lining in my uterus is ready for a transfer in a few days. It's getting so close. If all is well then we will begin our travel across 2500 miles to our HPs fertility clinic.
Please continue to pray for safe travels, thick lining, no more bumps, and relaxing week for my HPs.
Blessings to all you bloggie Buddies

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