Wednesday, August 8, 2012

6 weeks

Ladies and Gentlemen

We made it to 6 weeks. Are any of you as excited as I am? I bet Apollo and Athena are! Today I took my kiddos school supply shopping. Holy Moly, that was crazy. Over $300 later we have backpacks loaded ready to take to school next week. Zeus has hit the road for his business trip.

Tonight I had to go to a friends house to have her give me my shot. I will have to do this until Zeus gets back since my kiddos aren't old enough to give me a shot yet. It was better than normal tonight. However, after my appt next week I think I might get down on my hands and knees and beg my doctor in Seattle to please let me stop the shots and change to suppositories. My booty hurts so darn bad. I can't even begin to explain. The lack of sleep is beginning to catch up to me since I cannot sleep on my back or either hip, I have to sleep on my stomach and that is growing so yea, I'm a mess.

Here's a new picture. Notice anything? Here's a hint, my pants don't button anymore.
Baby is the size of a Sweet Pea
Still craving tomatoes and popcorn
Now, I'm just TIRED. So TIRED.

Next week fingers crossed we should hear the heartbeat. Also hoping that's the last time to the fertility clinic and we can then go to the regular OBGYN.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers. We all appreciate them immensely.

Blessings Buddies

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  1. Hint for shots....when I got my rhogahm shot at the hospital Sunday the nurse pressed down really hard with her finger for a while to deaden the nerves, then gave the shot. Barely felt the huge thing!