Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday night Fright

Today I lay in bed on continued bed rest. But let's go back a few days and fill y'all in. I was asked not to blog but after speaking with a few close persons I decided I can't not blog. This is my coping mechanism and also my way of telling my story first hand instead of it getting twisted when working its way through the chain of people. I'm sorry if I hurt feelings. With being so far away this is the best, and fastest way for everybody to know how I'm doing. With that said here we go.

Friday was a great day. I had only spotted throughout the day light pink
Which was a huge improvement. The commander and first shirt stopped by, bringing me flowers in the process, to check on us and see if there was anything they could do for us. It was wonderful. Not the best way to meet the new commander. I felt really good. I talked to mom on the phone but felt my tummy get queasy again. Went to the bathroom only to find a bloody mess. Seriously, angry now. Zeus was home and a few minutes later severe cramping set in, I mean screaming, moaning frightfully painful cramping. I knew it was another trip to the ER. Zeus called a friend to come watch the babies and off we went. I was feeling like death. We get right in at ER and they get me pain meds immediately. Morphine, saved my throat. Then it was a quick trip down the hall to ultrasound. While there the tech was very open about what she was seeing. She said yep baby was still alright, nothing in my tubes and ovaries looked great which was where my pain was centered. That helped but still didn't explain the continued blood loss and extreme pain I was in. She did take lots of pictures. So that was good for my OBGYN.
Went back and had to use the bathroom since the IV bag was pushing fluids. Once in there while washing my hands I got dizzy lightheaded and almost hit the floor. Zeus was a quick
Thinker and realized what was happening and called for help. I had lots of nurses holding me up. They wheeled me back to bed and then
Needed to administer anti nausea to relieve that horrible symptom. I needed oxygen to get me back from the episode in the bathroom. All it's was still extremely painful. Then came time for the pelvic exam. That was pure torture. The best way to get someone to tell the truth for sure. It hurt like hell. Oh man, now I'm really in pain. Doc said I was dilating a bit and she was concerned. After a few phone calls to my OB, it was decided that I could go home with hydrocodone for the continued pain and it was a wait and see game at this point. They put me on strict bed rest, only bathrooms trip should I be up.

The pain was rough later that night but Zeus kept me calm and administered meds as docs prescribed. We were up and down all night but bleeding had slowed tremendously. A good outlook from our perspective.

Saturday morning another big cramping session hit but little blood loss. Another good sign. My kids have never seen mommy screaming, crying and moaning like this. I know they thought I was dying. But Zeus was reassuring and so were our mothers and friends. My babies have been so helpful throughout this nightmare of a week. . While at hospital they made signs for my room. It was so sweet. They have been taking turns keeping me company an hour at a time. So cute, we even watched a movie all in the bed last night. Fun for the situation. I was sad that I let them down since we had 3 big events planned this weekend. I apologized to them. Hopefully they'll forgive me.

Sunday, I slept all night. It was the best sleep yet and I didn't need meds for over 20hrs. Up and to the bathroom the bleeding was now brown and only spots. Making progress I think. Zeus was able to give me a shower and Zulu brushed my hair. The base has organized a meal train for us and that has been amazing help. Such wonderful people and yummy food. We even get dessert a couple times. So I'm still in bed. But I'm all set up with flowers, kid picked rose, water, meds , smell good candle, water fountain on and control of the remotes. I'm being taken good care of for now.

So we are still pregnant and coconut still has a good heartbeat. We just take it day by day from here. Off to the OBGYN tomorrow to check again.

Please continue praying for the safety of me and coconut. Pray Apollo and Athena will understand our needs and are coping with all the uncertainty. We are OK today. Thank God he is watching over us. This is his plan. We
Just do as he says no matter how painful or bumpy it gets. Give god the glory.
Blessings bloggie buddies


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this Dusty!!! Hang in there! That baby is still going and with all the prayers you are getting, everything could right itself as fast as it started! You are still wonder woman! Praying for you all!

  2. Hang in there, Dusty! If anyone was made for this, it was you. You are the strongest person I know, and you're doing a wonderful job. Love you!!