Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 weeks

Today we hit 5 weeks. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to make sure baby is growing in the uterus and not in the stomach cavity or fallopian tube. We will also find out if it's one or more. I thought I'd start something fun for all of you long distant folks. We get to Skype with Apollo and Athena tonight too. I did get the ball rolling to transfer to a regular OB today and I found out that I was in fact pregnant. Surprise!!!! Ok, so you already knew that. But it has to be done again for my insurance, so why not share it with all of you. Today's morning sickness was much better than yesterday's. I had to get out of shower early yesterday to keep from passing out. It was BAD, ALL DAY. Thank goodness that was only one day. Woo Hoo

5 Weeks~

Baby is size of an Orange seed
Craving: Tomatoes, Hot tea, Popcorn

Feeling: Tired and Slight Morning Sickness

Will post update to tomorrows appointment. Again hoping for good news.

Prayers are still very much appreciated. Thank In advance.



  1. We will be starting the chalk board thing in a week and a half....figured I didn't need to document my bloat ;-) we have the same craving for popcorn! My mom had it too when she was pregnant with us! We officially announce after the aug 15 sono.....I'm very excited!

    I don't know how ya do lack of energy sucks.....maybe once I start back to work it'll be better!

  2. I'm worried since you haven't updated lately. Praying everything is okay.