Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two week wait

This morning I'm a bit uneasy about what is happening or not happening with my body. It's so nerve wracking not knowing whether all this is headed in the right direction or if we must try it again. I'm hopeful. But I still remember this is Gods plan. He is in complete control so no matter what the doctor tells us on Wednesday we must trust him.
Anybody else out there wondering and waiting on pins and needles. During this week I have had a day of nausea, 2 days of crampiness, and a day of uncomfortablness. Yesterday the heartburn hit me like a ton of bricks.and then last night I got my first foot and toe cramping in the middle of the night. To me these are all signs leading to what we want to hear but I still have that little bug saying "nothing's 100%".
I'll say this, I'm working hard to eat all the right things and stay away from
No so good things. I'm proud of myself, I've had little to no caffeine this past week. I've listened to what the doctors said, no lifting, no straining, no alcohol, and all those other no's.

So now we all wait. I'll find out late Wednesday afternoon and then we will start making phone calls. Thursday I plan to post it here, if we don't get around to calling everyone please understand we will be driving home
And cell coverage is iffy in many places on our route.

Say a prayer that peanut and/or coconut decided to rent a womb. We are hopeful for tenants.

Blessings Y'all

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  1. Looking forward to the results this afternoon!!!!!!