Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First beta blood test

Well first thing this morning was our first beta blood test. I went in a little nervous because I hadn't felt like I was solidly pregnant. Obviously there have been symptoms but those also arise with the medication I'm on. So I was very cautious. So we made it in about 8:30am and by 9:40am we had a result. HCG is a hormone in the blood that is released by baby. Those levels are suppose to double every 2-3 days after embryos implant. We were expecting our embryos to implant Wednesday or Thursday last week. Today my hcg level was 40.8. Not great but not unheard of. The doctor would to have liked it at about 100 or more with that timing. So this could mean a number of things. One, it could be a late implant meaning I'm not as far along as we expected by medical timing. Two, it could mean a chemical pregnancy occurred. That I actually never had an embryo implant. Three, it could mean an ectopic pregnancy. This would be a pregnancy and implant that happened in my Fallopian tube and is very dangerous.
So right now, my family will continue our trip home driving 2500 miles and once we return to St. Louis I will be retested on Monday. My levels will need to have risen to above 200 for this to be considered a viable pregnancy. At that point we will then have an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

I know God is in control and all this is in his timing. I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged. But if this turns out to be negative I have to start all over with all the stomach shots, lupron, and we wait 6 weeks or more to try again if Apollo and Athena are up for us to try again. Definitely not the news I was hoping for but at least we still have a 50/50 shot of this being a full on pregnancy.
My feelings are all over the place today. I am sad that it is not full steam
Ahead as I know Apollo and Athena don't need any more heartbreak than what they have already had. I'm frustrated that maybe I did do something wrong or that I ate or drank something, or maybe my purse was too heavy or a million other things. I'm glad we are headed home because I could really use my bed and my pillow about right now. I'm fighting tears still leaning on God to take the reigns and drive this boat where he needs us to go. I just ask that you all say a prayer for Gods will, Apollo/Athena's peace, my safety and for a baby to implant itself squarely in my uterus. Pray for our safe travels home and that I don't get too overly emotional over this.

So we continue to wait for Monday until then please enjoy your last week days and the upcoming weekend.

Blessings Y'all


  1. Im thinking of you today. You were on my mind all day yesterday as I awaited your results. Will be keeping you and the HP iin my thoughts until Monday.

  2. I know the wait is hard, I've been there many times. Faith has to take it all.......