Friday, July 6, 2012

Houston, We are go for launch

Yes, folks today I had the defining ultrasound and bloodwork determining whether our timeline would stay or change. I had to have a minimum lining thickness of 8mm and mine was 15mm. Then I had to have a 120 of estrogen and 2 of progesterone. All were within the limits. We will have liftoff on 16 July @ 1pm.

Apollo and Athena are on a camping trip so they are out of communication, so hopefully they will be able to check email sooner or later and see the gret news.

Our family will head for their home state this weekend making a few stops along the way before reaching our destination of Zeus' hometown late week.

Continue your loving prayers for our safe travels and a problem free take-off as we attempt a journey no family member has tried before.

Houston, We are go for launch, countdown please.

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