Monday, July 9, 2012

Murphy's law

Well everyone we are on the road to our HPs clinic and Zeus' hometown. We drove about 7 hours yesterday and ended at Fort Riley in Kansas. We had great lodging at the base. We had a 3bdrm, 2bth, full kitchen and living room hotel room. It was perfect for all of us. But it was a bit unusual.

We did not have an Ice machine nor was the freezer ice maker on. So I took a trip to the shoppette, a mini gas station. I was looking for ice for my injection. It was closed, just my luck. So I used an unconventional method, wet a washcloth and stuck it in the freezer for about 20 min. It was perfect. Then everyone into to bed and Princess our 10 yr old yorkie got sick and started puking. Zeus and I tag teamed for a while, except he was never able to go back to sleep. So at 3am he got up packed all the bags, got me up and said we were leaving. We left babies in jammies and hit the road about 4am. Lots of early stops but managed to get some Miles behind us before princess started puking again. Now we are north of Denver but no photos of mountains because my luck, it was pouring rain. Oh well, we are moving about halfway through todays stretch.
Here's 2 photos.
One of the boy that shares a name and the other of some bruises on my belly as of last night.

Blessings bloggie buddies

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