Monday, July 16, 2012

Embryo Transfer

Today was such a big day but a really fun day. It started out with a fantastic breakfast made by my HP Athena. Then the boys went off on an adventure and we girls did a little maternity shopping. It was so much fun. The best part was the attachable belly. Athena thinks I made a good pregnant model. I was so much fun.

trying on clothes

Then we had lunch purchased by the boys just before having to take the Valium and having to drink a ton of water. Then we were off to the clinic as I began to feel woozy and quite possibly what a drunk feels like. The clinic was beautiful and everyone was so nice. I do not remember much as I began to lose most of my concentration as everything became fuzzy.  I made sure Zeus took photos while we were in there so I could have those memories for later.


This is me and Athena before things got moving. We were both very excited and a bit nervous. transferall

Here’s one of Apollo, Athena and I before the procedure got moving.


Here’s our two precious embryos right after they were thawed this morning. Notice Peanut is already hatching, Coconut is not far behind. The embryologist said that we only thawed two and they are both Grade A. That means they are the best of the best.  Isn't this picture amazing. Two precious nuts soon to be babies.

Now its time to proceed with the transfer.DustyinBed

Our nurse finding my uterus on the ultrasound machine. They use this for the Doctor to view the catheter as he inserts the embryos. That’s another reason I had to drink loads of water, a liter and a half to be precise.


Here’s another view of our embryos as coconut decides to hatch along with Peanuts earlier hatching. This was a monitor we could watch them on before they were sucked into the catheter to be transferred to me.


Here’s our embryologist taking care of the embryos in a infant incubator. That was so cool.


Here’s the nurse explaining to everyone what we were looking at on the ultrasound monitor. The big black thing on top is my bladder.


Another view of the nurse and the ultrasound monitor. Are you guys following me? I hope you are not lost. All of this stuff happened within an hour.


Here is the embryologist and the Doctor putting the embryos into my uterus, their new home for the next nine months.  Doctor said everything went great. They believe we are looking at a 85% chance of a pregnancy and 70% chance of twins.  These are positive odds. Now, it is time for Twinkle to rest and relax so these babies can burrow into the uterine lining in the next 48 hours. Lots of don’ts for me the next few days. This was a highly emotional day. However most is just a blur as the valium really took me out, Zeus, Apollo and Athena filled me in so I could share with all you guys.


This is the wonderful team that made it all happen while I am passed out. Keep us in your prayers as these lil’ nuts take hold and continue to grow. Now we wait until the 25th for our first HCG beta test, also known as a pregnancy test. Sit tight and we will soon know the outcome of this procedure.

Thanks for following and keep reading my dear Bloggie Buddies.

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